Building better relationships with suppliers are crucial to a long-standing partnership based on the commitment to the trustworthiness and enhancing transparency as well as traceability. This works in direct correlation to figuring out how to combat supply chain complexity.

Leveraging the supplier base as a source of driving product/service innovation…

Ready to start assessing your suppliers? Well then here’s a quick recap;

At Waasla, we believe in a thorough supplier performance review based on our core values.

  1. Cost Variables
  2. Quality Variables
  3. Service Performance
  4. Supplier Profiles
  5. Risk Variables

Let’s say the performance variables mentioned above have been set in stone. …

Do you know which supplier of yours is reliable and diligent?!

Suppliers are the key to your success and identifying the champions is no easy feat but critical. Hence gaining supplier insights such as supplier: performance, risk, spend, compliance is essential to evaluate. …

The new buzz word of this century is “Digitisation”. Everyone is doing it, maybe you should think about it too!

New procurement technology is being introduced regularly which needs to reflect user-centered design methodologies. Most of us are using solutions that take dedication to learn and perfect. …


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